Company History

June 1988


The young founder of Pengfa Chemical ,Mr. Shang Fupeng, by virtue of his keen sense of smell and market insight, study tours went to the northeast, through hardships, finally successfully mastered the production of acid staining patented technology, this product is mainly used In the textile printing and dyeing industry, Mr. Shang Fupeng established "Huanghua Wool Spinning Chemical Factory No. 1" according to the market conditions at that time and assessing the situation.

In July 1998


"Huanghua Wool Spinning Chemical Factory" was renamed —"Huanghua Pengfa Chemical Factory", and rectification equipment was invested and introduced, and by product acetic acid purification and concentration technology was added. At the same time, the agent sold national standard glacial acetic acid. Enriched product sequence, enhanced product ductility, and improved market competitiveness.

In March 2003


In order to seize market opportunities and increase competitiveness, the company invested in the construction of two formic acid production lines with sodium formate and sulfuric acid synthesis technology. In the same year, it cooperated with the then formic acid giant "Feicheng Aside Chemical Co., Ltd." to expand development In the North China market, it became the general agent in North China, thus establishing the company's position in the formic acid industry.

In July 2008


In accordance with the development of the market, it strengthened its core competitive advantage and established its own dangerous goods convoy to provide customers with safer, standardized, efficient and timely logistics guarantee.

In April 2013


For the better and faster development of the enterprise, the company upgraded from "Huanghua Pengfa Chemical Plant" to "Huanghua Pengfa Chemical Co., Ltd.", and carried out all-round management, quality, production, administration and other aspects. In the same year, it passed the IS09001:2008 quality management system certification and reached a cooperation with the green industry leading brand-"Luxi Chemical Industry".

In April 2014


The company established the International Trade Department, successfully registered its own brand— "Pengfa Chemical", optimized the international and domestic marketing system in an all-round way, and strengthened the core competitiveness of the company. The company used formic acid, glacial acetic acid, and acetic acid solution. Printing and dyeing acetic acid and other products were exported abroad. In the same year, formic acid was successfully introduced into the European market. As a result, the "Pengfa" brand moved from China to the world.

In October 2016

In response to the call of the national chemical industrial park, the National Chemical Industry Park in - Cangzhou Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, 70 acres of land, formally established the "Hebei Pengfa Chemical Co., Ltd."

In July 2017


Hebei Pengfa Chemical Co., Ltd. solemnly laid the foundation and started construction. In the same month, with the approval of the superior, the company established the "Pengfa Chemical Party Branch Committee".

In April 2018


The company conformed to the development of the national environmental protection situation. In order to meet the increasing domestic demand for sewage treatment chemicals, it independently produced and developed sodium acetate and carbon sources. At the same time, in order to open up the sewage treatment industry market, it cooperated with Shanghai Probio Foreign development and introduction of "biologically active carbon sources", develop the domestic sewage treatment market vigorously, and enter the domestic sewage treatment industry to develop the fast track.

In December 2019

With its own strength and technology, the company reached a cooperation with the listed company's sewage treatment industry giant "Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group", which established our company's position in the sewage treatment industry and made its own contribution to the domestic sewage treatment industry

In June 2020


The marketing center was successfully relocated to the high-end office building-"Jinbao City Plaza", achieving a standardized, Canonical and modern management model.

In August 2020


The new plant of Hebei Pengfa Chemical Co., Ltd. was completed and put into production, which enhanced the company's comprehensive strength and greatly enriched the product sequence, including formic acid, acetic acid, phosphoric acid, and formic acid derivative salts (calcium formate, potassium formate), Acetic acid derived salts (liquid sodium acetate, sodium acetate trihydrate, sodium acetate anhydrous), carbon source (sodium acetate, biologically active carbon source, composite carbon source), product series are more abundant, market competition. The advantage is further increased!